I have 2 lists one for JuniorStudents and one for SeniorStudents. In the JuniorStudents I have a method for promoting a juniorstudent to a seniorStudent. I am first deleting the juniorstudent and then putting it into the seniorstudent list. However when I try to view the student when calling the method viewStudents I am not getting the student. Any ideas why this is so. Here is the code:
public class SeniorStudentsClass
        public List<Student> studlist = new List<Student>();

public void ViewStudents()
            for (int i = 0; i < studlist.Count; i++)
                Console.Write(studlist[i].Id + "\t");
                Console.Write(studlist[i].Year + "\t");
                Console.Write(studlist[i].Name + "\t");
                Console.Write(studlist[i].Surname + "\t");
                Console.Write(studlist[i].DOB + "\t");

  public class JuniorStudentsClass
       public List<Student> mystudent = new List<Student>();  
       SeniorStudentsClass sc = new SeniorStudentsClass();

        public void PromoteStudents(int index)
            Console.WriteLine("current record:");
            Console.WriteLine("id is:" + mystudent[index].Id);
            Console.WriteLine("year is:" + mystudent[index].Year);
            Console.WriteLine("name is:" + mystudent[index].Name);
            Console.WriteLine("surname is:" + mystudent[index].Surname);
            Console.WriteLine("dob is:" + mystudent[index].DOB);
            Console.WriteLine("address is:" + mystudent[index].Addr);
            Console.WriteLine("year is:"+mystudent[index].Year);
            if (((mystudent[index].Year== 7)) || ((mystudent[index].Year == 8)))
                var student = mystudent[index];
                Console.WriteLine("student promoted to senior student");