Hello there
As this is my first post, I will use this chance to say Hi ^^

Any way, Christmas is getting near and I had a crazy idea...
~This is the story behind my "little" project, feel free to ignore~
I am going to have a party at my house but there is a problem that makes it a bit difficult for me.
The whole sound system is wired to a laptop sitting in the other side of the room while I sit behind my laptop.
Most of the music and DJ software is on my laptop... And that's a pain to transfer everything to the other laptop.
Also the other laptop is pretty much s**t, and very inaccessible (We use it mainly as a server, if we need to do something we usually just remote control it.)
~And the actual project part~
So what I had in mind?
Map a *virtual* audio output to a software [A service? a DLL?] which then I can select to transfer audio trough it, directly to a remote computer's physical audio output.

How to stream sound from one computer to the other is not a problem for me to code... I got the idea and the experience... My main problems are:
  • Creating an "Audio output device" to be select-able using other software as an audio output.
  • Following the above problem - How do I receive sound from the same virtual output?

I usually don't use forums and such, and love to dive into the internet in the look for answers...
But as my deadline is the Christmas eve I decided to ask the professionals for at least a little direction to know what to read about or look for...