I have changed a data type of a field (fieldsize) from int to Bigint.

Now, the problem is it generated the following error:

Microsoft VBScript runtime error '800a000d'

Type mismatch

/Citrix/MetaframeXP/default/_include/functions/default.asp, line 330

The default.asp where the problem is raised is shown below;

function fileSize(intFileSize)
	dim lngTempFilesize, strFileSixeExp

	'Get the size in KB
	lngTempFilesize = intFileSize
	'lngTempFilesize = fileSizeDivide(intFileSize)
	'If file size is greater than 1Mb divide again and append "Mb"
	if lngTempFilesize => 1024 then  'this is line 330'
		lngTempFilesize = fileSizeDivide(lngTempFilesize)
		strFileSixeExp = " Mb"
		strFileSixeExp = " Kb"
	end if
	fileSize = FormatNumber(lngTempFilesize, 2) & strFileSixeExp
end function
Any help please!!