Hi can anyone help me read in and display two images using C language. I have a school project which needs to compare two images and difference / subtract and display difference in new image. It requires the following steps basically:
I think I would like to develop this bit by bit. So, I guess I need to look at all the processes I need to complete and tackle them one by one in separate functions. So first,
1. I need to load the images into C and probably turn them into binary / black & white. This will reduce the file size which is good.
2. I need to align the images
3. I need to difference the images and show the new image
4. I need to locate the center of the difference object and create a bounding box around them
5. The objects once located need to be detailed
So, for 1, will I need to import all the image pixel values into an array / matrix?

Thank you
P.S. I'm really not a good programmer and this is going to be a big learning curve to take slowly over the next 3 weeks.