Hi, I've created a word processor in VB.NET Using Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate Edition and the WPF Toolkit and Fluent Ribbon Control.
I have a slight minor problem. When I insert a picture into an rtf document using my word processor the picture won't show up in Windows Wordpad or when I open a rtf document created in Wordpad with images and save the rtf document in my word processor the picture disappears when I open it in wordpad. I know it's a simple fix but I don't know how. I'm fairly new at vb.net I'll provide the complete source code and all components used. When I insert an image into my word processor and save it as a rtf document then open it in wordpad the image is not there. it shows up in Microsoft word. I don't get it.
Can someone please help me with this?

Thank you in advance.

let me know and I'll send you the source through pm or download link.