i use sqlite in my project. it is good because of its capacity bigger than ACCESS. i used CDaoRecordset of MFC to handle records in ACCESS, whick is convenient to me move around records in table and edit certain record.

according to my habit, i wish sqlite has some kind of functions in c/c++ like, move(int) to get to cerctain record, getbookmark(...) to the record marked record and setbookmark() to mark the record, moveprov() to move one record back and movenext() to the record forward, IsEOF and IsBOF to know we are not out of table domain. all in one word, not only move forwardly but also backwardly through records in table.

i know sqlite3_get_table( ) , sqlite3_step() function and struct sqlite3_stmt archive some goal mentioned above, but not all!!

how ?