I write the following code:

String Language; // = "CSharp" or "C++"
[1] CodeDomProvider provider = new CodeDomProvider(Language);
[2] CompilerParameters cp = new CompilerParameters();
[3] Compiler Results cr = provider.CompileAssmblyFromFile(cp,source_file_name);

When I work with Language = "CSharp", Application runs perfectly.
But when I work with Language = "C++", Application crashes in line [3] with the following exception:
"The method or operation is not implemented" (System NotImplemented exception in CppCodeProvider.dll).
I compiled and run in VS2008 & VS2010 with same results.
May be is it needed to set any parameters in CompilerParameters cp? - I don't know what.
Additionaly very weird why I see in provider after its allocation for Language = "C++"
provider.FileException = "h", instead of cpp;

May be anybody have idea?