Hi everyone!
I'm new to codeguru. I'm not that much of a developer, really. I know just enough PHP to crash a server - lol.

We are about to launch a new website which does revolve around developers. And, I wanted to first talk to other developers to get their insight.

The website is a place for developers, musicians, writers, etc. to be able to sell their work. It offers both a "store" and the ability to have ********. We've incorporated a lot of features, such as a review system and seller verification. Developers can upload their work to our site and buyers can download it immediately upon payment. Sellers can also upload Demo software or link directly to their demo page and allow buyers to download the "free" version. We will also be adding an affiliate system and possibly hosting packages for all sellers.

I know that many of us already have our own websites where we sell our products, but, I wanted to create a central location for all developers, as well as (and more important to our bottom lines) a single place for buyers to find YOUR software.

I started this project for a number of reasons, but, mainly because I want to see independent developers make it. I've been involved on gaming projects that simply fell short because of hurdles created by mega-corporations and their demands. I definitely did NOT start this to get rich. I want to make this accessible to everyone, without adding to their costs. The plan is to start listing prices at only $0.10 and a maximum of $5.00 (without upgrades to the listings)

My questions are: Would anyone like to see something like this? If so, what would you like to see incorporated? I would just like to get thoughts and ideas. I want this site to be as useful as possible for developers.

Thanks for your input.