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    Creating custom arrays control

    G'day Guys,

    I'm currently working on a form in VB.Net 2010 which has a number of controls which are added dynamically at runtime to a panel which sits in a tabcontrol.
    The control i'm trying to add is a groupbox with a number of textboxes and labels.
    I have been using the following example: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/libr...=vs.71%29.aspx
    Where I'm stuck is that I have an Null value error when the form is loading which comes from my control array class.
    This error is generated by
    where machine_control is an instance of my custom controls class.
    Does anyone have any pointers as to how I can initializes this with values to avoid the NULL value error.

    -Cheers Robbo

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    Re: Creating custom arrays control

    Which Form event did you put that line of code?

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    Re: Creating custom arrays control

    Hi HanneSThEGreaT,

    The Line of code is in the array control class. the Add_a_machine_grpbox_to_the_list is called called whenever I want to add another custom control

     Public Function Add_a_machine_grpbox_to_the_list()
            'Creates a new instance of the custom machine info control class
            Dim Machine_Control As Custom_View.Machine_details_box
            'Add the custom control to the collections internal list
            'Adds the button to the controls collection of the panelview


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