first of all sorry for my bad english.
i need make a CBitmap or a streamdata from a System.Windows.Controls::Image(rendered out put)in a SDI mfc application (supporting \clr).
here is my codes:
using namespace System;
using namespace System::IO;
using namespace System::Collections::Generic;
using namespace System::Windows;
using namespace System::Windows::Controls;
using namespace System::Windows::Media;
using namespace System::Windows::Media::Imaging;
using namespace System::Threading;
using namespace System::Security;

bool CGifdecoder::Decoder()  
UINT Stride;
unsigned short *res;
unsigned short Buff[ROW * COLUMN];
BitmapSource^ bitmapSource ;
String ^ str = gcnew String(Files[m_Current].Filepath);
// Open a Stream and decode a GIF image
Stream^ imageStreamSource = gcnew FileStream(str, FileMode::Open, FileAccess::Read, FileShare::Read);
GifBitmapDecoder^ decoder = gcnew GifBitmapDecoder(imageStreamSource, BitmapCreateOptions::PreservePixelFormat, BitmapCacheOption::Default);              
GifInfo[m_Current].Frames =  decoder->Frames->Count;
 for(int i = 0;i < GifInfo[m_Current].Frames;i++){
bitmapSource = decoder->Frames[i];
bpp =  bitmapSource->Format.BitsPerPixel;
Stride = (UINT)(bitmapSource->PixelWidth*(bitmapSource->Format.BitsPerPixel / 8) + 3) & (~3);//bitmapSource->PixelWidth * ((bitmapSource->Format.BitsPerPixel + 7) / 8);
res = new unsigned short[bitmapSource->PixelHeight*bitmapSource->PixelWidth];
			        IntPtr intptr = IntPtr(res); 
             ,intptr,Stride*bitmapSource->PixelHeight, Stride);
for(long j = 0;j<bitmapSource->PixelHeight*bitmapSource->PixelWidth;j++)
//here i got unrendered codes from bitmapSource
delete res;
by this codes i can read datastream from bitmapSource but in this way somthing goes wrong in most of GIF animations.
after debug i found out i need 3 more things too decode a gif animation - (x,y) position and size of each frame and disposal method for each one - finally i just found a way to draw true images on a form window by this codes:
System::Windows::Window^ mainWindow;
mainWindow = gcnew System::Windows::Window();
               mainWindow->Title = "GIF Imaging Sample";
               //ScrollViewer^ mySV = gcnew ScrollViewer();
array<System::Byte>^ pixels = gcnew array<System::Byte>(bitmapSource->PixelHeight * Stride);
bitmapSource = decoder->Frames[0];
Image^ myImage = gcnew Image();
myImage->Source = bitmapSource;
myImage->Stretch = Stretch::None;
myImage->Margin = System::Windows::Thickness(0);
StackPanel^ myStackPanel = gcnew StackPanel();
myStackPanel->Orientation = Orientation::Vertical;
myStackPanel->VerticalAlignment = VerticalAlignment::Stretch;
myStackPanel->HorizontalAlignment = HorizontalAlignment::Stretch;
// mySV->Content = myStackPanel;
mainWindow->Content = myStackPanel;//mySV;
mainWindow->Width = bitmapSource->PixelHeight;
mainWindow->Height = bitmapSource->PixelHeight;
//mainWindow->ResizeMode = System::Windows::ResizeMode::NoResize;
when i change
bitmapSource = decoder->Frames[0];
bitmapSource = decoder->Frames[1];
frame[1] has drawn perfectly on window(i think some how Image class takes care about - (x,y) position and size of each frame and disposal method for each one ),so im wonder if how can i make a CBitmap or a data stream from System.Windows.Controls::Image class to use in mfc app.
best regards.