Im coding a music player and I want the timer to stop when the music stops.

I got a static text with the lenght of the song. (the static text shows the position of the song in 00:00:01,00:00:02..and it increments as the songs plays.....)

Ive messed around with WaitForCompletion but no luck

oh using DIRECTSHOW and COM for the music player

here is a link to a picture so you know what im saying

(as you see..the static text has more time then the acual song lenght.)

here is soem of the acual code that i tried
so how do i get the song time to stop?

here is some code that doesnt work
 long evCode;
	sprintf(time2, "%02u:%02u:%02u", (timeElapsed/3600)%60, (timeElapsed/60)%60, timeElapsed%60);


   hr = pEvent->WaitForCompletion(0, &evCode);
	long EvCode = 0;
			bool b = pEvent->WaitForCompletion(0, &EvCode);

but it only goes to 1 second and stops