Hi to whoever is reading this. Thanks for taking a look.

I am working on a website and everything is going fine except I am stumped on adding an element that needs java. I do understand some java but I could not code with it if I wanted to.

I hope what I am trying to do is simple. I have followed this tutorial to add a photo gallery to my site.


I added the photo gallery fine and got it working. I even was able to add a couple of other text boxes for each image. But there is one element I want to add that I have no idea. I figured that later I might want to have a full page article on each image posted. I would like to add a button that will link to each full page article depending on what image I've chosen. I am thinking that some code could change the href source for each image such as each image changes text in the photo gallery. Is there a simple way to go about this?

I do plan to learn java and have started but I cannot learn as fast as I am trying to get my site published. So thanks to anyone who can help me Help will be greatly appreciated.