Hi all... I have made an application and the code is basically listed below. I been doing this in VB Express 2008... it has 2 input text boxes where the user would put in 2 numbers, and then there are 5 groupboxes with between 4-8 radiobuttons in each. The user would choose 1 radio button per group box, and depending on which radio button is selected then the value of num1 would ioncrease or decrese by a certain amount.

It runs ok with no errors, just can not the resultlabel to show the answer

Anyone see why? please and thnak you

 'Declares Local Variables
        Dim num1Decimal As Decimal
        Dim num2Decimal As Decimal
        Dim resultLabel As Decimal

        'Place the Data in the Variables
        num1Decimal = Val(num1.Text)
        num2Decimal = Val(num1.Text)

        'This is the information from the radiobuttons
        ' Create and initialize a GroupBox and a Button control.
        Dim spinGroupBox As New GroupBox
        Dim resultADecimal As Decimal
        Dim spin1b As Decimal
        Select Case True
            Case spin1RadioButton.Checked
                spin1b = 0.095
            Case spin2RadioButton.Checked
                spin1b = 0.085
            Case spin3RadioButton.Checked
                spin1b = 0.08
            Case spin4RadioButton.Checked
                spin1b = 0.08
            Case spin5RadioButton.Checked
                spin1b = 0.08
        End Select
        resultADecimal = spin1b

        ' Create and initialize a GroupBox and a Button control. 
        Dim windGroupBox As New GroupBox
        Dim wind1b As Decimal
        Dim resultBDecimal As Decimal
        Select Case True
            Case upRadioButton.Checked
                wind1b = 0.095
            Case ULRadioButton.Checked
                wind1b = 0.085
            Case urRadioButton.Checked
                wind1b = 0.075
            Case downRadioButton.Checked
                wind1b = 0.07
            Case dlRadioButton.Checked
                wind1b = 0.065
            Case drRadioButton.Checked
                wind1b = 0.06
            Case leftRadioButton.Checked
                wind1b = 0.055
            Case rightRadioButton.Checked
                wind1b = 0.05

        End Select
        resultBDecimal = wind1b

        ' Create and initialize a GroupBox and a Button control. 
        Dim locationGroupBox As New GroupBox
        Dim location1b As Decimal
        Dim resultCDecimal As Decimal
        Select Case True
            Case fairwayRadioButton.Checked
                location1b = 0.095
            Case firstCutRadioButton.Checked
                location1b = 0.085
            Case secondCutRadioButton.Checked
                location1b = 0.075
            Case deepRadioButton.Checked
                location1b = 0.07
            Case sandRadioButton.Checked
                location1b = 0.065
            Case weedsRadioButton.Checked
                location1b = 0.06
            Case mulchRadioButton.Checked
                location1b = 0.055

        End Select
        resultCDecimal = location1b

        ' Create and initialize a GroupBox and a Button control. 
        Dim swingGroupBox As New GroupBox
        Dim swing1b As Decimal
        Dim resultDDecimal As Decimal
        Select Case True
            Case fullRadioButton.Checked
                swing1b = 0.095
            Case pitchRadioButton.Checked
                swing1b = 0.085
            Case chipRadioButton.Checked
                swing1b = 0.075
            Case flopRadioButton.Checked
                swing1b = 0.07
            Case punchRadioButton.Checked
                swing1b = 0.065

        End Select
        resultDDecimal = swing1b

        ' Create and initialize a GroupBox and a Button control. 
        Dim lieGroupBox As New GroupBox
        Dim lie1b As Decimal
        Dim resultEDecimal As Decimal
        Select Case True
            Case lie1RadioButton.Checked
                lie1b = 0.095
            Case lie2RadioButton.Checked
                lie1b = 0.085
            Case lie3RadioButton.Checked
                lie1b = 0.075
            Case lie4RadioButton.Checked
                lie1b = 0.07
            Case lie5RadioButton.Checked
                lie1b = 0.065
            Case lie6RadioButton.Checked
                lie1b = 0.06
            Case lie7RadioButton.Checked
                lie1b = 0.055
            Case lie8RadioButton.Checked
                lie1b = 0.05

        End Select
        resultEDecimal = lie1b

        ' Calculate and Display the Yards to Hole needed.
        resultLabel = num1Decimal + (num1Decimal * resultADecimal) + (num2Decimal * resultBDecimal) + (num1Decimal * resultCDecimal) + (num1Decimal * resultDDecimal) + (num1Decimal * resultEDecimal)