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    [RESOLVED] Passing data between two DataTables


    I'm looking to move data between two DataTables (with a twist) & am looking for some guidance......

    I have a WinForms application that works as follows :-
    - Form_A is the main form & has graphing elements on it
    - Form_A has two DataTables (a RawDT & an AnalysisDT)
    - Form_A calls Form_B
    - Form_B is used to import data from flat files (.csv, etc.)
    - Form_B has two DataTables (an OriginalDT & a FilteredDT)
    - Form_B allows the user to select just a single column from the original flat file to import.

    The idea behind the application is that the user can import a single column of numerical data, from a flat file. Analysis is then performed on the data, the results of which is then presented back to the user graphically.

    I have the above working however I am struggling with passing the data from Form_B.FilteredDT to Form_A.RawDT. I've tried CopyToDataTable() without success as well as variations on :-
    frm_Main ImportTo = new frm_Main();
    ImportTo.RawDataGrid = FilteredDT;

    Any suggestions / pointers would be most helpful.

    Thanks all.
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