I am kinda new to crystal formulas and want to create a report in the following fashion:

UNAIDS 10 10 (MEANS UNAIDS gave 10 items. the second 10 is always the same as the first 10 for the first record and is balance)
ER 5 5 (Means ER took 5 items then 5 items remain)
SD 2 3 (then SD took 2 of the items so 3 items remain)

WHO 5 8 (WHO gave 5 items and balance became 8 cos there were 3 items left from the 10 given by UNAIDS)

The process continues. My final approach to the formula was: to save items taken in a batch (i.e. under one tree. i saved them in another forumula and it works great.)

My problem is i can't access the remaining of a batch then add them to the next. in that case 3 + 5. I tried global and shared variables but the result is always that of a batch:

here are my codes for both, first one is named totalTaken and is used in the balance function below it.

SHARED numberVar totalTaken;
ToNumber({DSSMP_RPT_StockItem;1.originaltotal}+Sum ({DSSMP_RPT_StockItem;1.totaltaken}));

and the problematic code:

SHARED numberVar looper=0;
SHARED numberVar totalTaken;
SHARED numberVar pretotalTaken;
SHARED numberVar activein; --which donation we r in?
GLOBAL numberVar prein=0;
SHARED stringVar k;

if recordnumber=1 then
else (
if prein<>activein then (
ToText({@totalTaken} - {DSSMP_RPT_StockItem;1.originaltotal});

else (

//if prein=0 then
//else (