Basic Threading Problem
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Thread: Basic Threading Problem

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    Basic Threading Problem

    I just want a label to show a loading message before executing a bunch of code. I wrote this:
            private void LoadQueue()
                displayRangeAuditLabel.Visible = false;
                sortByComboBox.Visible = false;
                showLateCheckBox.Visible = false;
                lblQueueLoading.Visible = true;
                if (LoadingThread != null && LoadingThread.IsAlive) LoadingThread.Abort();
                LoadingThread = new Thread(new ThreadStart(BindAuditQueue));
    This works and displays my label about half the time - the other half, it only grays out the background area of the label. I suck at threads. What's wrong?
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    Re: Basic Threading Problem

    You need to show a more complete code snippet. The code you posted is missing the BindAuditQueue thread proc implementation.

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    Re: Basic Threading Problem

    Also, if you use [code] and [/code] tags, it will preserve formatting (I have modified your original post to include these).
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