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Thread: Websites hosted on BitTorrents - just an idea

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    Lightbulb Websites hosted on BitTorrents - just an idea

    What if there were a browser that allows one to publish an html website without a web hosting service. This website is uploaded as a torrent. The download will be started by an address for example: example.bitSite / bitSite would then be an abbreviation for (BitTorrent-website). The addresses are stored in a database on a Bitorrent-Client site. The downloaded HTML Web page is stored in a temporary folder and displayed in the browser immediately after the download. All websites will be seeded for 24 hours.

    What are the advantages?
    - No purchased Hoster needed
    - No one (except maybe uTorrent) can block the website.
    - unhackable

    The weak points:
    - No php pages possible (the browser could perhaps make sure that it works)

    What do you think? Is it programmable?

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    Re: Websites hosted on BitTorrents - just an idea

    I only have a limited torrent knowledge but as far as I can see it's hardly possible. For instance, where will the torrent file and the tracker(s) be located?
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    Re: Websites hosted on BitTorrents - just an idea

    This sort of decentralization is probably possible, following a Gnutella-like model, but I suspect the limiting problem will be searchability of the fluctuating network topology. You can combat that, of course, by enlisting some sort of search engine, but then you've just centralized again, defeating your entire purpose.

    I think there have been various projects to design a decentralized, censorship-resistant network (FreeNet, I think, is one example?). Obviously though, they have not caught on as bulwark elements of the internet - there must be some significant drawbacks.
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