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    Split Name function

    Can anyone help see where I went wrong in the function below?
    Function ParseOutNames(FullName As String) As Variant
    Dim FirstName As String
    Dim LastName As String
    Dim MidInitial As String
    Dim Suffix As String
    Dim Pos As Integer
    Dim Pos2 As Integer
    Dim Pos3 As Integer
    Pos = InStr(1, FullName, ",", vbTextCompare)
    If Pos = 0 Then
        Pos = Len(FullName) + 1
    End If
    LastName = Trim(Left(FullName, Pos - 1))
    Pos2 = InStr(1, LastName, " ", vbTextCompare)
    If Pos2 Then
        Pos3 = InStr(Pos2 + 1, LastName, " ", vbTextCompare)
        If Pos3 Then
            Suffix = Right(LastName, Len(LastName) - Pos3)
            LastName = Left(LastName, Pos3 - 1)
            Suffix = Right(LastName, Len(LastName) - Pos2)
            LastName = Left(LastName, Pos2 - 1)
        End If
    End If
    Pos2 = InStr(Pos + 2, FullName, " ", vbTextCompare)
    If Pos2 = 0 Then
        Pos2 = Len(FullName)
    End If
    If Pos2 > Pos Then
        FirstName = Mid(FullName, Pos + 1, Pos2 - Pos)
        MidInitial = Right(FullName, Len(FullName) - Pos2)
    End If
    Pos = InStr(1, LastName, "-", vbTextCompare)
    If Pos Then
        LastName = Trim(StrConv(Left(LastName, Pos), vbProperCase)) & _
        Trim(StrConv(Right(LastName, Len(LastName) - Pos), vbProperCase))
        LastName = Trim(StrConv(LastName, vbProperCase))
    End If
    FirstName = Trim(StrConv(FirstName, vbProperCase))
    MidInitial = Trim(StrConv(MidInitial, vbProperCase))
    Suffix = Trim(StrConv(Suffix, vbProperCase))
    ' suffix handling
    Select Case UCase(Suffix)
        Case "JR", "SR", "II", "III", "IV", "MD", "PHD", "PH.D", "M.D."
        Case Else
            If Not IsNumeric(Left(Suffix, 1)) Then
                LastName = LastName & " " & Suffix
                Suffix = ""
            End If
    End Select
    ParseOutNames = Array(LastName, FirstName, MidInitial, Suffix)
    End Function
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    Re: Split Name function

    Please use CODE Tags to post code.

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    Re: Split Name function

    Hard to follow that code but I would suggest a different approach.
    All you really seem to need is a call to the Split() function

    Dim NameParts() as String
    NameParts=Split(FullName," ")
    This will give you an array with the parts of the name string split on spaces you can then check the number of elements and the values of each with less code that will be easier to read.
    Always use [code][/code] tags when posting code.

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    Re: Split Name function

    I should use a structure instead of an array.

    However if you don't show an example of how your string is made, and what parts you're interested in, it's hard to give a careful answer.

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