I'm having a problem attaching a subform to an e-mail message. Before, I was sending the e-mail through outlook using DoCmd, but recently re-wrote the code to send through an SMTP server in order to avoid the annoying warning message. I want to attach a subform located with in the same database, called "5-Day Ticket Notification Subform", but I keep getting Runtime Error 438. I'm not sure if using .Attachments.Add is causing the error, or what. I've searched forums trying to find a solution, but have had no luck. Any help y'all can give will be much appreciated!
 ' Sends the e-mail
    With Msg
        Set .Configuration = Conf
        .To = Address
        .CC = ""
        .BCC = ""
        .From = """Name"" <e-mail address>"
        .Subject = "5-Day Notification"
        .Attachments.Add Forms![5-Day Ticket Notification Subform]
        .TextBody = StringBody
    End With