I need to create a database and a new website to pull customer information. The information I need to pull has several attributes - Central Hub, Area, State, and company contact info.

Central Hub = Areas - e.g. The central hub may be Texas and it contains the areas that Texas is responsible for.

Area = Several states, 2 - 5 states in each area

Company = Customer Name, phone number, Address, etc..

My Skill Level:

I'm still a bit new to this - just finished a college class for C# - Technologies: WPF / MVVM / Entity / Caliburn Micro.

Starting the advanced C# class in two weeks which covers MVC / LINQ, a little experience in this, but not much, doesn't seem to complicated after learning C# / MVVM

New to SQL but enough knowledge to create a new database and the tables needed.

Just setup a new SharePoint installation - still learning, but seems pretty straight forward so far

Proficient in HTML

I'm learning HTML5 and JS at the moment - so this project came at just the right time for me to learn these with an actual objective.

My Environment: - Windows Server 2008 R2

SQL 2008

New SharePoint 2010 server with one SharePoint site configured - I have six more sites to configure.

One Access Database published to the configured SharePoint site

What I'd like to accomplish:

Create an SQL Database with the information from above. Create a website that pulls information from the database to be displayed on a webpage. I would like to have a drop-down menu for the state and area - when a user clicks the drop-down menu and chooses the state or area they are looking for the contact information for that state or area is shown. I would like to use an HTML5 based website for this. So to access the database I figure I have two options - MVC / LINQ, PHP, or (if possible) using JavaScript.

Is creating a new database for this correct way to go about this since I already have a SharePoint server in place? Since I'm using SQL Server 2008 and Win2k8, is MVC/LINQ the best route to use? (after writing all this, it seems this is the route I need to go) In the long run, I'm more interested in HTML5, PHP, and JS; is it plausible to use JS to pull information from the database? I'd like to use PHP, but I don't know enough about PHP yet.