I have an asp web application where I use radio buttons to get user input by making a selection using said buttons. The user has a limited time to make a selection and now some are complaining the time it takes to move the mouse and make their selection, is too short. I can't adjust the timer in which a selection has to be made, so I have to find a way to make it easier for an user to hit those radio buttons.

My online searches shows that it particularly impossible to enlarge the button component so I'm left with limited options. I have my radio buttons in seperate cells in a table. Since I can't change the size of the button, I wonder, is there some javascript code that I could wire to the cell itself that can fire off an OnClick event? (or something similar?) The problem is the hitspot is so small, that users have to click twice or more and/or reposition the mouse all taking seconds away for the timer goes off for their response.

Can I add javascript to each cell (<td>) of a table? What syntax would I use if possible? <td id="name" runat="server" OnClick="foo()"> ??