I'm writing a js file to put a vector on google maps (polygon)
i need the coordinates of this JSON link:

Now i connect with the json like this and it works to get the name, address,... but i can't figure out how to get the coordinates of the polygon.(geometry.coordinates doesnt work)
my code where i already have a "naan" and "opmerking" from the json file, but when i use coordinates i get in my console.log: undefined.

			dataType: "jsonp",
			success: function(json)

				for (var i = 0; i < json.speelterreinvlak.length; i++)
					if(json.speelterreinvlak[i].postcode == postcode)
						var naam = "<div class='st_naam'>" + json.speelterreinvlak[i].naam + "</div>";
						var opmerking = "<div class='st_opmerking'>" + json.speelterreinvlak[i].opmerking + "</div>";