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OK, I've looked over your class file. Although unfamiliar with your particular programming style, I can see many things which could be improved. For instance, you have some Do...Loops, and within the loops there is an If Then Else. This is a case where you could use Do Until or Do While. Also, there is a set of If Then statements within the ChangeImage sub which all have one condition in common. So in this case you could nest these inside one If Then for that common condition rather than test it for each one separately.

Incidentally, you can draw directly onto the surface of the UserControl, so it if often unnecessary to use a separate PictureBox. Even so, passing it as an Object is slower than passing it as a PictureBox.

However, changing a color in an image pixel by pixel is always very slow compared to using the same technique as for transparency. That's what I'd recommend. Rotating an image is of course another matter, but that's not likely to be what's slowing down the loading of the form.
but when i used DC instead DIB's, the form didn't take so many time to open
or theres something that i forget. or i need put the doevents in my ShowImage sub, in my 2D Sprite