I don't know who actualy i need but
Some coder ( I am lvl -500000 in COding)

What that job will be?

Coding a software for a game (Software what give advantage in gameplay) You probably know what its now.

REQ : I don't realy know what its required
I need the good coders
Who know code and secure their product (I.E Anti-ban software or something that prevent it )
Actualy the level of required anti-ban protection its poor as the game ( The war z) Its kinda no anti-cheat.

So i need
Some promoters ( youtube or forums to advertise our product
And dont know if someone think he will be usefull then okay

Payments ?
Depending what quality software you make
You get paid from sales or from me depend how much all goes
IF we goin very well then you can get from 50$ product some 20-25$ per copy sold But its to soon to talk with payments

If you think you wanna join me email me with application


Waiting for your applications.