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    Highlighting Problem in MS Visual C# 2010 Express

    Hi people.
    I have only recently started learning C-Sharp at home and am facing a really simple problem with the software I am using.
    When trying to edit an already written line of code, it gives a cursor problem.
    For example, when I click in the space between two letters to add something else, the cursor highlights the letter on the right of it and erases that letter whenever I try to make any changes instead of adding what I type alongside it.

    Like in the imageName:  problem.png
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    When I click on the space between 'i' and 'n' in int, it selects the 'n' and replaces it with the typed letter and then 't' gets replaces by some other letter which I type, and it goes on like that.

    Sorry if its a noob question or its in the wrong section.
    Any help will be appreciated.
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    Re: Highlighting Problem in MS Visual C# 2010 Express

    Sounds like you have insert turned off. Try pushing the 'insert' key on your keyboard to toggle insert mode back on. (N.B.: many programs support that sort of edit mode, not just VS, so you can possibly use this sort of functionality in other programs too).

    Hope that helps. Let us know if it does not.
    Best Regards,

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    Re: Highlighting Problem in MS Visual C# 2010 Express

    That works.
    Thank you!

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