Hello All,

I'm very new to VB, and excited to learn it. I have a problems with my conditional logic that I have written which compares the field value DateTime from my table to the system time, and return a different background color. Here is my logic..

if scheduledTime is 0-15mins late, then background color red
if scheduledTime is 15mins-30mins late, then background color yellow
if scheduledTime is 30mins-2hours late, then background color green.

Here is my code so far...

Dim systemTime As Date = Date.Now
Dim fieldTime As Date = SCHD_DTM.CurrentValue
Dim result As Double = (fieldTime - systemTime).TotalMintues

if result <= 0.25 Then
RowATTrs("style") = "background-color:red;"

Else If result > 0.25 & result <= 0.5 Then
RowATTrs("style") = "background-color:yelow;"

Else If results > 0.5 & result <= 2 Then
RowATTrs("style") = "background-color:Green;"

End If
Thanks for the help!