im facing some compilation error in windows 8 but the same code works fine in windows 7. Error is given below

1>m:temp1.cpp(427): error C2039: 'DOMDocument60' : is not a member of 'MSXML2'

1>m:temp1.cpp(427): error C2065: 'DOMDocument60' : undeclared identifier

1>m:temp2.cpp(16): error C2039: 'DOMDocument60' : is not a member of 'MSXML2'

1>m:temp2.cpp(16): error C2065: 'DOMDocument60' : undeclared identifier

im importing msxml3.dll in my code. This dll is present in system32 folder, after importing the dll it creates a .tlb file in output directory with filename msxml3.h this header doesn't contain DOMDocument60 declared, it means the dll present in system32 folder is not right one.

can any one let me know how can i get a latest version of this dll..