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Thread: unicode and MS Interop Controls

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    unicode and MS Interop Controls

    I have an interop user controls projects using Interop Forms Toolkit 2.1. All wen well, until we started typing unicode in the text box interop control. If we set our language to Chinese, and type, we get Korean. same for other language. We are using Arial Unicode font, and works in vb.net interop project, but not vb6. The strange thing is, if I put a breakpoint in vb6 on the Keypress event, and step through it using F8, all works well and displays the proper unicode characters. I have no codes in these events. we spent a month building this project thinking it will work, untill we got this suprise. Works well if we copy and paste into the text box.

    Any help is appreciated.


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    Re: unicode and MS Interop Controls

    What happens if you put a DoEvents in the KeyPress event?
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