I've built a site entirely from scratch over quite some time. It uses PHP and MySQL with an nginx reverse proxy to apache. It's quite responsive especially the instant messenger. It's also been through a stage of beta testing.

The idea behind the site is to produce a central profile specifically for programmers and then using social networking techniques allow programmers to easily promote themselves to other programmers. It's kind of a cross between twitter and facebook with coder specific features. An example is my profile here: http://www.coderprofile.com/coder/VBAssassin

However, i'm still not quite happy with it and that is where i want some feedback from you guys - the programmers i am aiming it for! Personally i feel having the profile feed as the profiles homepage isn't working because it doesn't really fee like "your" profile but instead one you are part sharing with everyone else. Instead, i'm thinking about showing the latest source codes, blog posts, links and book reviews by the profile author on their homepage. Then moving the profile feed to another page. However, doing this, do you think it will take away the uniqueness of the site and make it more like other sites? I do not want the focus of the site around the forum or just sharing source codes but instead for it to be around the profiles.

What do you guys think?

Kind regards,