sql convert function
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Thread: sql convert function

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    sql convert function


    I used convert function in sql server with no problem, but when i try to use in in vb6 for my quiry it does not recognize the convert function

    rst.open "Select * from mytable where docdate=" & convert(datetime,vDate, 102)

    this suppose to filter the rst with docdate= vdate only

    note that , docdate(datetime,null)

    this gives an error :
    compile error:
    Sub or Function not Defined

    I am not sure now if the CONVERT function of sql server is supported in VB6


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    Re: sql convert function

    If the function is part of your SQL string then it must be part of the sql string. Here you have placed it outside your quotes so VB is looking for a function named convert within your program rather than passing it on as part of the query.

    rst.open "Select * from mytable where docdate= convert(datetime, " & vDate &", 102)"
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    Re: sql convert function

    its working fine now,,, thank you very much

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