Hey all, I'm new to the forum, and need some help building my application. I'm less than an amatuer when it comes to coding, so i'll apologize up front if this is a simple/dumb question.

I'm needing some help with FindWindow/FindWindowEx/SendMessage. I need to be able to pass text from my application to another, so that I can automate the logon process.

The application that I'm needing to pass the info to has 3 texboxes, all with the class of "Edit". The first textbox is disabled, the second is for username, and the third is for password.

Since each textbox has the same class, how do I have my app distiguish which textbox is for username and which is for password? And then tell it to pass the login info to the appropriate texbox?

I've googled and searched and found where some one mentioned that it's possible to loop through every textbox on the form, then get the position of each textbox but my skills are not that sharp yet.

All help is greatly appreciated!