Hello possible applicants,

I am co-head of a starting indie game development team. We currently have an art developer, story line authors, a couple voice actors, and a network administrator. What we need is a programmer, confident enough to go it alone for our first production. Once the first game is out and selling income will be based on sales. You a strong vote in the direction the production goes, as well as all future productions.

Paid: Not currently.

Location: Location currently is not a factor, we are currently using teaspeak to communicate, but can communicate via phone. Must be willing and able to relocate when the time comes to open a physical studio.

Type: This is currently volunteer work that will lead to a full time position.

Requirements: Current choice of programming language is C++, if there is a better alternative we are open to discussion. It is preferable that you have a server, or computer strong enough to act as a server for development, but if not we have other options.

Responsibilities: Program initial game features and functions given to you by us, if you have a different idea, present it to the heads and you will be given a yes or a no to the change. When the time comes we will take on more programmers, it will be your responsibility to either lead them, or help us pick a development head. We prefer you to take the head, as you will be acquainted with the position, and game design we will likely be using into the future.

Time frame: Position is open, until it is filled.

We currently have no deadline for production, but would love to see it done in a year, possibly 2. Our first game will not be a huge production, but we feel it is something many people would enjoy to play, and even though it is simple it is something that will have a big audience.

Thank you for your time,

If you are interested you can contact me via
teamspeak: leave me message here and I will get you the info.