Hello All,
I am not an expert in C++ programmer, but I have done some simple programming before. I would really appreciate some help.

I have written a .NET program, using Windows form Application.
My application is fairly simple.
Basically, I have two simple buttons on my form.
When the form is first loaded, I set up a global variable (bool run = true).

And my first button is essentially a very simple while loop.

// do some code

And what I want to do, is have the second button set the value of the boolean to false (bool run = false).

But, once I clicked the first button, I cannot even touch the second button!

I have read quite about this, and I think my solution is to use a multi-threading.
I have found some example codes on line for multi-threading, and I tried to incorporate those, but I don't know why I cannot get it to work. Once I click button #1, there is no way for me to be able to click button #2.

I would really appreciate some help.