Hi All,

This is the problem I have. I have one simple Windows Form application, and I have two buttons.

With the first button, I am writing to a disk drive (using fwrite), and this part works just fine. Off course depending on the transfer size (Bytes/sec) and the size of the target disk, this may actually take several minutes.
So, I intended to create a second button, so that if the user decided to stop writing to the disk, he can click on second button to stop the transfer.
But, I have the hardest time doing this, because I don't know much about multi-threading. I don't know how to click button #2, while button number one is still in action.
I have been browsing the web, and looking for solution and trying to try different things for a long time, and I cannot find a solution for my problem.

I would really really appreciate some help with my issue.