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    Re: Writing Structure to CSV file - won't work... HELP!

    Quote Originally Posted by Protocol View Post
    It appears to include to exclude the decimal portion. Since I don't require the decimal portion, the integer representation is acceptable.
    Actually the behaviour is undefined as to what will happen.

    I didn't point it out before, but that's the flaw in your program. If you use printf()-like functions, the parameter you pass must match the format specifier. If you pass an int and the format specifier asks for double or vice-versa, then all bets are off as to what will happen.

    That's why C++ has streams and overloaded operator <<, to ensure type-safety.
    At this point, I'll accept VC++ as VC++, including any code that it can generate.
    Again, there is a forum for managed C++ questions. The stuff with the "^" syntax is off-topic in this forum. It isn't C++, plain and simple, it is a different technology altogether.


    Paul McKenzie

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    Re: Writing Structure to CSV file - won't work... HELP!

    Any chance you could edit this to remove my name from 3)? Thanks.

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