ADODB.Recordset returns with incorrect data??
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Thread: ADODB.Recordset returns with incorrect data??

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    ADODB.Recordset returns with incorrect data??

    I have an ADO.Recordset object that is able to successfully connect to the database and pull data. However, the data that is in the database vs what is being retrieved by the object is incorrect. For example, if I take the exact query that is in the command parameter in the Recordset and execute it in Sql Server Management Studio, the RANK in SSMS is 170 but the data returned in code from the object says it is 140. Has anyone run across a situation like this before? I can't figure out why this is happening. This involves a search box where the user is trying to search for a product and the script is trying to find the product that the user most likely wants to find.

    SELECT tbl.RANK as rk, a.*, CA.* FROM FREETEXTTABLE([ab_fts],([cpn],[cd],[mas],[ac],[ttr],[nemo],[man]),'tester',1000) tbl INNER JOIN [qws] a on tbl.[key] = a.wid INNER JOIN catad CA ON (CA.cgid = a.cgid) ORDER BY rk DESC

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    Re: ADODB.Recordset returns with incorrect data??

    It would help to see some code, can't tell how you are determining the values in any of the fields so no idea why you are seeing something different than you expect.

    Also would be good to know if both the program running the ADO code and the Management studio are running on the same PC and talking to the same server (instance)
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