The new version of VB is VB.NET. Full stop. Microsoft will not change .NET. When you say that VB 6 is much more powerful than .NET, then you do not know .NET at all.
Also, there isn't more VB 6 programmers out there. If that was the case then there would be a lot more people without jobs.

This is 2014. Do you know the term IoT ( Internet of Things ), well, that is the latest trend, and if you want to adapt to that trend I suggest you forget about VB 6.

I do not understand why you are so persistent in forcing your opinion onto us. Everybody that has responded to this thread has a lot of experience in both VB 6 and .NET. We do not claim to know people who are against the .NET Framework and still living in the 20'th century.

Where can I find this list a gurus?
Prove your statistics ( about VB 6 being used more )
Prove your statistics ( that VB 6 programmers rather adapted C and Java, and not C# or VB.NET )

Look, I am not trying to be mean, but really, this pipe dream of yours will unfortunately never eventuate. It is the same we force Nokia to bring back the 3310 model. It is the same as us forcing Mazda to bring back their older versions of cars. We are supposed to go forward, not backward.