I notice today with interest that Microsoft has appointed a new CEO, Satya Nadella. Apparently he comes from the original NT development team and is a developer at heart. Perhaps the calls to maintain VB6 may be heard, or at least ANSWERED. Yes or No or Maybe ? Why is Microsoft quiet about this thread ? Do they care ? Does anyone of consequence give a **** ?

Now if there was SOMEONE out there willing to at least listen (without automatically going into IT CANT BE DONE mode) ......

Perhaps all that is needed (and I think someone has already suggested this) is to create an OPTIONAL Compiler for EXISTING VB6 Code which will allow the resultant EXE to run on .... What do you want ?
Windows8, WindowsRT, Android, iPhone, iPad ... you get the drift.
Dont try to re-invent the wheel - just give the good wheel some optional tires, and new roads to run on.
Seems simple to me, but then. I'm not a compiler programmer.
But for example, there is a project on PlanetSourceCode which is doing some of the above - recompiling VB6 code to run as a stand alone exe.
I dont believe that the people creating this compiler come from a company employing 1000's and 1000's of university accredited programmers.
(They would still be on the drawing board arguing about what colour the screens should be).

No, I would guess they are people out there WHO DO GIVE A **** and DO WANT TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE.
How is it that a small group of people can change the world while the masses simply sit back and tell you why it cant be done ??

If Microsoft is not interested in helping keep VB6 alive, then perhaps this thread should be redirected to become a call to create an OpenSource project on a NEW VB6 Compiler development.
Now dont you think that might be interesting ?
Imagine .... Write your App in VB6 and run it on the Apple OS - this will definitely sell lots more iPads - perhaps Apple might throw in a few of their programmers to get the project started.
Me thinks if I was Apple, it would be a great investment to steal another percentage share of the already shaky Microsoft Windows Surface Tablet Computer market.
Perhaps Google may like the idea of running VB6 programs on their Android platform - that should bring in at least one extra compiler programmer.
I mean, these guys just may have one or two dollars to throw at a project like this, dont you think ? And all us VB6 programmers become their new sales people ! (for free!)

In the meantime, I have to go back to work now, writing code in VB6 to make a living - yes - it is possible in the 21st century to make a living writing VB6 code !

Now who would have thought that ?