Hi all.
I am trying to create an exe file that can write data in itself.
For example i made an exe file by VB6 with name F1.EXE and it's size is 27356 bytes. there is another file including 3 bytes with name 3b.dat .
I joined both files together at by name of previous exe by this method :

copy /b F1.exe + 3b.dat F1.exe

So i have new exe file with size 27359 bytes.in spite of adding these new three bytes at the bottom of F1.exe file , it is working truly in run.
now i am asking can F1.exe change these three bytes at the end of itself after run?
my goal is storing data in that three bytes !!!
of course i know that it is not natural but i need to storing data like this.
any solution?
thanks everybody.