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    IE 9 failed to fire DISPID_ONQUIT event

    The following code is for a toolbar to revceive DWebBrowserEvents2 events from Internet Explorer. Running on IE 8 and 7, the toolbar can catch both DISPID_DOCUMENTCOMPLETE and DISPID_ONQUIT events. On IE 9, the tooblar receives only DISPID_DOCUMENTCOMPLETE, the message box "Document load complete" will show when I open IE. But the toolbar can not receive DISPID_ONQUIT, the message box for "IE CLOSE event" never appears when I close IE 9, it looks like that IE 9 does not fire DISPID_ONQUIT event. Does IE 9 forget to fire this event? Thanks for any help!

    STDMETHODIMP CMyIEToolBar::Invoke(DISPID dispidMember, REFIID riid, LCID lcid, WORD wFlags,   
                                    DISPPARAMS* pDispParams, VARIANT* pvarResult,   
                                    EXCEPINFO*  pExcepInfo,  UINT* puArgErr) 
    		HRESULT		lResult = S_OK;
    		if (!pDispParams)
    			return E_INVALIDARG;
    		switch (dispidMember)
                      MessageBox(NULL, _T("Document load complete"), _T("DOCUMENT COMPLETE"),MB_OK);   
    		case DISPID_ONQUIT:
    		//case DISPID_QUIT:
    		  MessageBox(NULL, _T("IE  CLOSE event"), _T("IE close"),MB_OK); 
    		return lResult;
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