I've been reading up on an introduction to the TR2 file system library in Visual Studio 2012.

I can't say I was very impressed by choice of using the '/' operator to concatonate file paths.
It seemed to violate all of the good practices to do with operator overloads that I've read (and tended to agree with) over the years.

Call me weird, but '/' doesn't immediately say 'concatonate' in my mind.

Example from the blog:

auto startup_path = initial_path();    
auto log_path = startup_path / path("logs/current"); 
auto output_path = startup_path; 
output_path /= "output";
Surely '+' would have made much better sense, being that the concept of using it as a concatonation operator is not exaclty alien to any C++ coder. (Think std::string)

What do you think?