I'm supposed to create the game rushhour with the program IntelliJ, but i'm totally stuck with it.
Fast help would be much appreciated.
I'm very unskilled in programming since this is my first year.
There should be 4 difficulty levels: beginner, intermediate, advanced and expert.
I need to use an enum for the difficulty levels and also an enum for the driving direction for the cars.
For the board i should use an 2-dimensional array and showing the board should be done with the help of a toString method.
Also, the board should be read from an extern txt file. There should be an extern txt file for every board (I'm not sure i'm using the right word for it, but with board i mean the cart where u can see how the vehicles are presented).
I need to save the score in an txt file names score.txt.
The score is based on the amount of moves you needed to do to complete the board/cat.
In the score.txt file is for each board/card the best score saved together with the name of the player.

This is how it should go:
- ask the user the wanted level and cartnumber.
- show the gameboard.
- ask which care should be moved and in which direction.
- Check the input and when there is a problem tell the user what problem there is.
- move the car and show the changed playboard.
- ... keep doing this until the red car could leave the board.
- show the end score

TY and pls help