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Thread: Homework forum?

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    Homework forum?

    There seems to be quite a few postings (especially on the c++ forums) regarding homework. Whilst I and other members are quite willing to provide all the help and advice we can within the guidelines of the forums, has thought been given to the creation of a new forum just for homework issues? Students would then know exactly to which forum to post and members answering messages would know it related to homework. This would also stop the main forums from being 'clogged up' with these types of posts.

    Any thoughts?

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    Re: Homework forum?

    C++ and WinAPI (edit the title and add REAL WORLD Questions)

    And then add another forum called:

    C++ and WinAPI - Homework Related Questions

    Or I'm guessing you mean one large forum called "HOMEWORK - Related questions"

    This site has so many sections now, adding another one would be easy for the newbies to miss...Threads would have to be moved a lot and duplicates would need to be zapped...

    Lets see what others think

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    Re: Homework forum?

    I don't see the relevance of whether a question is homework or not. There are plenty of people asking questions like "please give me code, this is not homework" and I personally find them just as annoying as people asking others to do their homework. There are also people who ask serious questions about there homework and just want (and often need, given the level of teaching) the opinion of a professional regarding the quality of their code or some dark corner of the language.

    IMO, the only way in which the distinction between homework or real-world code is relevant is that for homework the advice can be "good exercise, but you should use std::whatever in the real world", whereas for real-world applications the advice would simply be "stop wasting time and use std::whatever". You don't need a separate forum for that; it can simply be mentioned in the post.
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    Re: Homework forum?

    Even if we created a homework forum area, most students would still post in the regular forum.

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    Re: Homework forum?

    The negative ratings kind of helped to identify 'silly' posts...

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    Re: Homework forum?

    Most of what occurs with new homework answer seekers is the initial training to get the folks to post code and understand that although we're willing to help, we're not going to do the homework for them.

    I'm not sure having a separate forum is going to help with that.

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