about delete in BST
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Thread: about delete in BST

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    about delete in BST

    I feel confused about the delete in binary search tree.
    The following is the code:
    void delete(struct bst_node** node) {
        struct bst_node* old_node = *node;
        if ((*node)->left == NULL) {
            *node = (*node)->right;
        } else if ((*node)->right == NULL) {
            *node = (*node)->left;
        } else {
            delete node with two children
    This problem is from the current node and its parents. In the above codes, obviously,
    I cannot image how the parent node connect to the current node's right child, if (*node)->left == NULL; In theoretically, to find out the parent node, I should write following:
    struct bst_node* p;
    p=current_node; current_node=current->right;
    And then node p is the parent code of current. However, this algorithm not show in the function void delete(struct bst_node** node); why, and how to explain that.
    Thanks a lot.

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    Re: about delete in BST

    This question is better suited to the C++ subforum.

    [ Thread moved, retaining a redirect in Algos & Data Structures ]
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