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Thread: What's a platform engineer?

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    What's a platform engineer?

    Hey everyone,

    I'm been looking into what a platform engineer is and can't seem to find any great descriptions. Could you give me a brief description of what a platform engineer does and maybe a notable program engineer or a company that relies heavily on platform engineers?


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    Re: What's a platform engineer?

    could be anything really. It depends what the company using the term is using it for.

    It could be someone that's handling porting existing software to other platforms.
    It could be someone that's handiling all the platform specific code in a x-platform solution
    it could be someone that designs/develops the platforms/frameworks
    Or it could be something else entirely.

    If you're going for a job interview... make it a point to be sure this is one of the questions you wanna ask them. Make sure you're applying for the type of job you really want to be doing.

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