I'm having a new problem with a new program. The program is called Tollbooth and the design is to have it where the program asks the user to pay a toll based on the vehicle they drive. And the user would input a single letter, like M for Motorcycle, then the program would output the amount owed for the toll. But my problem is, no matter the letter that is entered, it lists all the toll prices. Here is what I have for the program so far. Any thoughts that would lead me to figuring out what im doing wrong is greatly appreciated!

#include <iostream>
#include <iomanip>

using namespace std;
int main()

double type;
double m;
double s;
double c;
double l;
double t;
double v;
double b;

cout << "Enter the type of vehicle in which you are traveling" << endl;
cout << "\n\tM - Motorcycle" ;
cout << "\n\tS - 2-seater sports car" ;
cout << "\n\tC - 4-5 passenger car/SUV" ;
cout << "\n\tL - 6-9 passenger SUV/mini van" ;
cout << "\n\tT - pickup truck" ;
cout << "\n\tV - 10-15 passenger van" ;
cout << "\n\tB - Bus or motorhome\n" ;
cin >> type;

if (type = m)
cout << "Your toll is 0.50." << endl;
else if (type = s)
cout << "Your toll is 1.00." << endl;
else if (type = c)
cout << "Your toll is 2.00." << endl;
else if (type = l)
cout << "Your toll is 3.00." << endl;
else if (type = t)
cout << "Your toll is 3.50." << endl;
else if (type = v)
cout << "Your toll is 4.00." << endl;
else if (type = b)
cout << "Your toll is 7.50." << endl;

system ("pause");
return 0;