I apologize for the stupid questions, but I have to have this submitted tonight and this is my first time and I'm over my head with this deadline looming tonight. I appreciate any and all help anyone could provide. I am using Dev-C++

Here is the assignment: Write a program that prompts the user to input the length of a rectangle and the width of a rectangle and then displays the rectangle's area and perimeter.
The program should be broken down in 3 parts:
1. Input the length and the width (two input statements)
2. Calculate the area & perimeter (results should be saved in variables
3. print results.
Format the output so the user can easily read the results. Use the tab escape so its easy to read.
So here's what I have so far. I have been stuck for two days

#include iostream
using namespace std;
int main ()
int double length;
int width;
int area;
int perimeter;
cout << enter the length of a rectangle: ";
cin >> length;
cout << enter the width of a rectangle: ";
cin >> width;

area = length * width;

cout << "The area of the retangle is << area << endl;

perimeter = length * 2 + width * 2;

cout << "The perimeter of the rectangle is << perimeter << endl;

I dont want to get a zero for not turning this in, I'll continue to try to figure this out, but man...all this is greek to me. Hopefully i can absorb some of this, to be able to pass this class.