I have a vb6 program that works fine on my own developer machine, but when it is put on our test machine, I get the "ActiveX component can't create object" error. I pops up when the program loads, and quickly disappers again.
How do I get it to tell me what's *really* wrong? Or at least which ActiveX (OCX?), COM or COM+ component that causes problems. I've heard that this error is often used by VB to say that "something" went wrong. I've tried to look at the eventlog, and there are some errors there where it babbles about the use of an /AUXSRUCE= parameter.

Anyone have a good idea?
I've tried to reinstall my COM+ components if that caused problems.
I've tried a program called Dependency Walker that can make a tree of dependencies, and it appears that the test machine and my own have the same dlls (although I might've missed something, as there are a LOT of files there).

Thanks in advance