Hi Everyone,

I'm just beginning to learn C# and have a goal in front of me to build an intranet site for my small company that interfaces with Active Directory. The first part of the site would be obviously a login page and the second - which I'm hoping I can gain some insight into here - will be to build a form (think excel-sheet esque) that lists out a schedule with different due dates, names of the projects etc. that can be edited in the browser by some and only viewable by others depending on the kind of access they're allowed. Some users would be able to add new projects, while others would only be able to view them or edit due dates on them. Being a newbie I know this is a huge task for me to take on towards the very beginning since it will include communicating with SQL in the background and interacting with Active Directory - but is there any guidance that the community here could give in terms of organizing and completing this project? Are there any well known places I could gather source code that may help give me direction in organizing and completing this project? And finally, if you're an advanced programmer, would you be able to give an estimate as to how long it might take a person new to C# (but not programming entirely) to accomplish a task such as this one?

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help!