I've decided to learn Maya and C++. I need to learn them both at a professional level for my company that I should be starting this year.

I was told the best way to learn C++ is not to use websites but to use some eBooks since they go into more detail and such. So I need to pick a book for a 100% complete beginner. As of right now I have C++ Primer Plus (Sixth Edition) and The C++ Programming Language: Special Edition (Third Edition). But Since the The C++ Programming Language (Forth Edition) comes out in like 1-2 months I was thinking on just focusing on Maya till the The C++ Programming Language (Forth Edition) comes out then hit C++ hard. Because I think it would be best to get a eBook that starts from the start to end with C++11 since it is the newest version.

But are these good choices for a nub to learn C++? I plan on learning Maya and C++ for the next 6 years then put them into practice with a game engine. I do not know C or C# either.

I want to learn C++ in the correct order and not from a book that will be too confusing or teaches bad habits, or is outdated and such. I'd also like to use any video tutorials such as the Lynda.com which I have, but I'm not sure I should go that way?

Also it would be nice if there were any actual project tutorials of making a program from start to finish while explaining what to add and why, but I can't really find any. Super simple ones that is.

If anyone would be kind enough to be a C++ friend and help when I have a question here and there like on Steam, MSN, etc, that would be awesome, if anyone would be interested in that please PM me your details!

Does anyone have any recommendations?
Am I on the right track or?